Saturday, June 15, 2024

New Gadget

by Cristina

I’ve added a new comments gadget that allows for more interesting ways to comment on my posts for more of a community feel. For example, if someone is requesting a fit description of an item, a fellow commenter can leave her a comment right bellow her comment and you can also edit your comments if you catch a mistake later. You can also “like” peoples comments or “dislike” as on Facebook but better. This function allows you to vote on someones comments so that they build up a rating or “reputation score”.  If someone with a high reputation score gives you fit advice you know you can trust what there saying. Someone who makes unpopular comments will have a poor reputation score…better than editing or deleting comments. Cool, right? I would love to get your feedback on how this is working for you and if your enjoying it. Feel free to play around with it and see if you can post pictures (you need a URL addy or something like that).


ps. I will post a How To Guide shortly on using the new commenting system. You can add pictures to your comments too which is pretty cool but I haven’t yet figured that part out yet.

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