Monday, December 11, 2023

lululemon flow and go tank

by Cristina

The lululemon flow and go tank just dropped and it is so adorable! I have my fitting room selfies and fit review at the bottom of this post. At the top, a collection of cute outfits featuring the flow and go tank.

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the cutest lululemon flow and go tank outfit roundups

black flow and go tank lululemon

Flowy lululemon tank tops


lululemon flow and go tank black, white

flow and go tank lululemon

My review and try-on: lululemon flow and go tank lululemon

You ladies that love the loose-fitting tanks are going to love this one. It’s called the Flow And Go Tank, made of circle mesh with an open back, a soft support shelf bra made of luxtreme, and super lightweight. Perfect for Bikrams! lululemon built-in-bra tanks are the best.

This tank is tricky to figure out when trying it on. The straps kept tangling on me.

Seriously, as you can see in the mirror in the picture, it’s still not on correctly. So I’ve layered it with a Flow Y bra, making the straps look a little busier. The educator told me good luck figuring it out and not getting stuck.

This tank just hit the floor, and they hadn’t yet had a chance to puzzle out the straps. I’d have gotten this tank in the summer if it had been available then, but right now, I don’t have use for it just yet.

I am thinking of doing Bikrams once a week, so perhaps I’ll need to pick this up over the weekend. I also saw it in black but preferred the white because you could see the gathered details at the bust.

flow and go tank top reviews

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