1. Yay Lulu Halifax! They selected the name I submitted on their Facebook page to name their bike in store, and as a result I won a Lulu headband! 🙂

  2. I submitted the name BluluNoser, I think they shortened it to BluluNose. I wanted to incorporate both Lulu and the Bluenose for Nova Scotia.

  3. Not for me either but you know, some people stay away from Lulu tanks because of tummy area issues so it's nice that there thinking about different ways to have less tummy hugging designs for some. Back to the drawing board though.

  4. @Becky – the blulunoser is so cute haaha!
    I think if you could detach the outer tank from the inner one it would be much better because I actually like just the inner one by itsself.
    I wonder how they are keeping the skirt part from falling down and showing the straps…

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