1. got a chance to check the site on my lunch break today and only saw black and coal.

    As of right now it's still available in both colors, size 4-12 (I'm in the US). I was hoping for shark though, I think. Once again, the online pictures don't do the item justice…

  2. This surprises me a little! I thought the price would deter more people! I wonder how many they actually had available?

    I didn't get one… Though I do really like the Shark colour. I just don't have the money to splurge like that right now! It is a gorgeous jacket tho!

  3. It may be sold out on Canadian side but there still lots of sizes left in AB (Calgary) stores and BC stores (Victoria). I wonder how many will be visiting for 2 weeks then going back LOL!

  4. I'd noticed a lot of the sizes were missing in the stores I had gone to an many were buying or trying on so I suspected it would be as popular as the bomber jacket. although Lulu seems to find some every once in a while to mark down.

  5. yes mine is still visiting. Love it but I haven't taken the tags off just yet. Waiting to see what comes in the next two weeks as I've been burned by Lulu' strategic sales before. I'll likely keep it but if it comes in a tweed version I want to be able to have my choice of colors.

  6. I bought mine in Coal through GEC yesterday and can't wait for it to arrive! It looked much better than the black on the website, although it's odd they didn't have the Shark Grey :S

  7. Last year I purchased the Bomber (in black) and LOVE LOVE LOVED it. Got tons of comments. So as soon as the Audrey was available I had to get it in coal. The winters get a little cold here on the East Coast so it will be nice to have a little extra bum coverage : )

  8. Hi, I have a grey audrey jacket that I bought 4 weeks ago in size 2. If anyone is interested, I am willing to sell it. It is brand new with tags. I just saw another jacket that I want and did not return the other jacket on time, so I can't return it. And I will sell it at a cheaper price then what I had paid for it. Email me at [email protected]

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