These Wunder Under crops look Lolo to me. I don’t think these are the Wish Blue (which I love with my Flashback Pullover) ones because when I hold mine up to the screen they look different but my new Stride matches. It’s so hard to tell on computer screens so I need to defer to other Lolo experts on this one. Feel free to speculate in the comments section. It does say these are fresh out of the box though…

and in the centre of this picture you can definitely see that these are Lolo Wunder Under Reversible.

  1. Oh, man…I need those if they're Lolo and it looks like they are. I've been hoping they'd come out in that color combo again. Love!

  2. I think they are definitely Lolo. I didn't buy the wish blue ones because I am so used to black, but I think I can convert myself from black to Lolo. Would you wear these to workout in or just as casual?

  3. I would wear it out (casual outfit) with Flashback pullover, Manifesto V necks in any of the greys, with a Journey jacket, with a neutral long knitted sweater and a belt, long cardigan with a belt…any tunic style top in a dark grey.

  4. If they reverse to black or coal you can always just wear it that way if your chicken and roll up the cuffs so you have lolo colored cuffs on your pants.

  5. I wonder the same thing. It's labeled Wunder Unders but I think there actually Wunder Grooves which is what my Wish Reversible to black are. I like the waist on them better too.

  6. I have never tried on wunder unders or wunder grooves. Actually, I have never tried on Grooves either…

    You all like the wunders? What do you like about them? Do they fit small?

  7. Is the rise on the wunder grooves higher? Or maybe I'm thinking of another style…?
    I have 2 pairs of wunder unders – one in organic cotton (dark grey – I wear them all the time) and one in reversible black to purple from last year. Not sure what shade of purple they are though… power or lolo? Just learning all the shades 🙂

  8. This is Lolo and it is a wunder under as opposed to a wonder groove. I saw it on an "upcoming products" listing at my local store. I was hoping for wunder groove which is why I know they are not – I checked the description. The wunder grooves definitely hold my pooch in way better than wunder unders. I do not know if they are reversible. I don't recall the description saying anything about reversibility. I may have to get them anyway, even though not a wunder groove. Such a pretty color.

  9. Becky I Love Wunder Grooves (and the wunder unders). there basically just leggings that you can use for the gym or you can dress up with longer tops.

    Anon 7:47 The rise on the Wunder Grooves is a bit higher and muffin top friendly.

  10. Thanks for the clarification Anon 11:46. and Aber. And Anon 11:55 did you pick up a Flashback Pullover? I love mine because it's not thin so not overly warm and it looks so great with leggings. I'm surprised it was in markdown, these are quite popular.

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