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Todays Purchase

by Cristina

I stopped in at the Whislter Village Lululemon and unfortunately they didn’t have any of the new items that I’ve been hoping to try such as the Run: Fast Crop, Free to Be Bra and the Fireside items (just for trying on purposes, not to purchase) I showed my husband the picture online of the Run: Fast Crop and he did not like them at all for some reason. He likes my Run: With it Crops very muchly though. SO now I’m thinking of not getting those and waiting to see what other fall run pants come along. I was told by the Guest Educator at that they have two shipments coming in tomorrow, one for stocking before opening tomorrow and I guess the other one would be for either Sunday or Monday.

What I did get today though was the Dance Studio Pants (unlined) in Coal size 8 and he very much approved of those pants. I’m  undecided but leaning towards keeping them. I guess I just don’t know if I want the Coal or Black. They both go with everything but I guess I feel like black would be more slimming. What do you, dear readers think I should do?  In the last 2 weeks or so I’ve seen lots of these around at Coquitlam and Metrotown so I wonder if new colors are coming in soon. I also picked up a Pig Pink CRB because I really like the CRB’s and pink is pretty universally flattering. Online I ordered the new skinny satin headband in Alarm which I am super excited about. I’ve already got the black one in the thicker style in order to wear out because it’s more of a fancy headband and not so Jane Fondaish. I found though that because of the width of the headband my hair sort of feathered out in an unpleasant way so I always sighed to myself that I wished it was a thiner headband. I use it all of the time for running because it holds my hair back so well (super thick wavy hair – hard to tame and traps heat) and I love it for that but this new one I will use for everyday use. This will be my one Alarm colored item which I love because a red headband will looks so good on dark brown hair, especially a satiny girly headband.  Can’t wait to get it in the mail on Monday. Hopefully after I get home from Whistler before it get’s delivered.

Black or Coal???

Isn’t this cute!

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Anonymous August 6, 2010 - 11:16 pm

I say get Black. I have debating these pants and also wanted my husbands opinion. My husband didn't like them on me. They are a very wide leg and I'm only 5'2". I would definitely need to get mine hemmed. Everyone that has them seems to love them. I would get black over coal. I also just got back from getting the same headband. Mine is Lolo Purple. My store only had lolo & black. I guess they will get the alarming soon. I didn't like the new crops either. I don't care for the pocket. I'm sure there will be plenty more crops to come. I have the run with it in black and keep hoping they go on markdown now that there are newer crops out. I want to get my first grey luxtreme crop. Reviews say the grey luxtreme doesn't show sweat like the luon does, I hope that's true.

Jen August 7, 2010 - 4:15 am

I think there are so many black track pant styles out there among different fitness brands, that coal would be more unique, though not by a big stretch I suppose. I do like them both, and they both will go with everything. This picture shows the coal ones and they look so cute!


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