1. I really want the community jacket in lolo purple (I want to try it in the store first I think) , and was really hoping to see the Stride II in the grey/pink combo. I ended up just ordering a new Power Y in the Senorita Pink w/grey trim.

  2. I grabbed four lolo items today: Community Jacket, Stride II, CRB, and the skinny headband. I also grabbed a CRB in the grey because I have too much oasis and the alarming wouldn't match a lot of things.

  3. I want to have been able to try these things and see them in person too before seeing them on line. I grabbed the Lolo static tank because who knows if it will make it to all stores or if it will sell out fast.

  4. SHucks, I saw the Lolo satin headband after I completed my order otherwise I would have grabbed it. I'm in love with my Alarm and Oasis ones.

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