I got a chance to feel these Swiftly Shorts and I noticed that they are very soft, softer than the swiftly tanks. I also noticed that they were thicker like the mens Metal Vent Tech T’s so it is a more substantial swiftly material than I had originally thought – do the men’s tech t’s have issues with snagging? I still wouldn’t wear these and I think that they are best saved for the very fit and very firm bodies…but if you don’t have my hangups than by all means wear these. I also noticed that the liner short on the inside is made of swiftly as well and is more like underwear than inner shorts. The pocket is probably meant for something very light weight like a single key and not your whole key ring full of keys, otherwise the pocket would probably get stretched and hang out at the bottom of the pant leg. look at the seam on the waistband of these shorts. The logo doesn’t match up at the seams. That’s a pet peeve of mine and would drive me totally bonkers. Now I’m going to have to check and see if all of the shorts that have this type of waist band has the same issue or if this one was a mistake. Couldn’t they have matched that up a bit better??  Considering it is a logo that is visible all the way around. Kinda sloppy.

Run: Swiftly Shorts.  Logo mismatch, look out for this when your picking
out shorts to purchase.

Run: Fast Shorts – better logo in the back

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