1. Very cute! I am definitely not up for spending $100 on a run top that has a hood that will flop around. Add me to the list of those waiting for the lolo Inspire top!

  2. I know, who is Lulu using for product testing in there running line? I can't believe how long it took them to include reflection in the line. They got the basics right but it's the details in the line they need a bit of improvement on.

  3. Come on Inspire !!!! Hoping for it this week.. also hoping the price tag won't be 98$…. but I have a feeling thats what we'll be seeing!
    I have to take back my run swiftly tech SS ..so I'll have a gift card to use towards the inspire 🙂 Wanting to get a run Swiftly TEch LS too.. I wonder if the GEC in can has it yet…?

  4. I'm sure the Inspire will be at least $98. Remember this is the "Cross Train" pullover…think outdoor bootcamp (running stadiums and such). While I believe that the Inspire will be better for long runs and I do like running luon better than luxtreme, I do think this pullover is major cute and can't wait to try one on!

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