Sorry about the overkill with so many crosstrain pullover pictures but I like to see these on a good pool of models. Especially in a color I haven’t seen in person yet. This has a detail picture of the pocket which is off on the left side if I remember correctly but it goes to about the middle of your back. It’s a narrow pocket but it’s longer than usual and would fit a Blackberry perfectly which is what I  look for in a pocket on a running top.

Love the tank layered with it. It’s either
Mac’N’Cheese or Lime

Side pocket perfect for ipod, keys & phone
  1. Haven't tried that top on yet, but yes, the large pocket should fit a smartphone/blackberry – that's what the educator I talked to today said.

  2. Have you ever run with your smart phone/blackberry on your back? I've tried sticking my phone (non smart phone) in my back pocket of my shorts or in tank pockets, but I really can't stand it bouncing around. I've recently started to run with my phone on my longer runs, and I've just been holding it. Not the best option, but I'm not getting it all sweaty by sticking it in my sports bra.

  3. I have, if I run trails I take my phone with me. I've used it in my Run: Like the Wind Pullover back pocket, in my running bonnet pocket, tucked into my sports bra and the best spot for it yet is in the front secret pocket of my Run: With it Crops. I find if I tuck it into that pocket and then shift it under the opening it doesn't move or bother me. Although the farthest I'm running so far is 7km.

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