Reversible Side of the Peace of Mind Vest

August 18, 2010

As you can see it’s not much different. I doubt anyone but yourself would notice that it’s different from the other side. It’s not like having two colors in one vest which is what I got excited about when I heard this was reversible only to find out that it’s the same color inside and out. On the other hand…with a messy toddler and baby if I get finger prints or spit up on me I can just flip it around. Ah-ha, yet another way Lululemon is perfect for mommies.

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2 responses to “Reversible Side of the Peace of Mind Vest”

  1. Becky says:

    I would love to have this in Citron.

  2. ojodeazul says:

    Wow that is tough to tell I had to look at it like three times before I reaized that one side is Chevron striped and the other is horizontal…

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