I saw these the other day at Metrotown but haven’t found a picture yet to show you till now. These are pretty cute and don’t have that mommy jeans look that some of you are worried about. These are marked a mid-rise and are actually mid rise. I love Wunder Under Crops with these pretty little feminine details.

Pin Tuck Wunder Unders
  1. I assume you haven't found the run inspire pullover yet. I really want to try it on. I hope it comes out this week.

  2. If the run inspire pullovers come in those 3 colors I am getting them all. I really want Lolo Purple, I don't have a senorita pink jacket of any kind and I really want something in river rock (even a CRB). I guess I just have to be patient.

  3. I wouls die if if comes out in these colors!! I will def own the lolo and the river rock.. I cant wait!! I keep checking back here, bc I know you will post it as soon as you see it!!
    keeping my fingers crossed it will be soon!

  4. Anyone know if the run inspire is coming in the stripey (sorry, not sure of the word…stripey? static? wave?) pattern that was shown in the fall preview video? I'd really prefer solid colors! Just wondering if anyone knew!

  5. No Run: Inspire pullover yet. I've heard rumours that it and the new colors (lolo, river rock and senorita) will be out in September. I'm still checking constantly just in case so as soon as I see them I'll be posting it here. In fact, I may figure out a way to post from my blackberry just so that you can have the instant scoop 😀

  6. haha, you can count on me guys! I'm getting the Lolo and the River Rock for Sure. The Senorita I may pass on but I saw a hills pullover in Senorita at the outlet the other day and it was a) a very pretty color and b) the running luon was sooo velvety soft. Made me very excited about the pullover.

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