by Cristina

Peace of Mind Vest Colors

August 18, 2010

These are the colors the Peace of Mind Comes in. I’m having a hard time picking which one I like vest. Would a Citron one look to contrasty with a Lolo Stride underneath it?? I would hate to just default to black just because it’s the easiest. Love the Senorita with the matching stride under it but since that’s not the Stride I got I don’t want the pink one.

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2 responses to “Peace of Mind Vest Colors”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think I am partial to the citron, u can buy black and pink in any other cheaper vest, but I have not seen a nice yellow in a vest yet, I also think lolo and citron would look fab 🙂

  2. Prairie80 says:

    I think lolo and citron would be nice together, however I would probably pair it with the Senorita pink myself. 🙂

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