1. So cute! I was just out in the city yesterday, and went on a lulu spree, and today i get a notification that metrotown has lolo CRBs….darnit! ( maybe its the static one, and I didnt miss out 🙂
    I hate missing things when I make the 2 hour drive out there! Guess I have to go back hehe

  2. Beautiful Hoodie. Still haven't had a chance to try on the Scuba, maybe I will be able to make a trip to Halifax next week….. *fingers crossed*

  3. Ooh that sucks. I haven't been in today so there better not have been an Inspire Pullover. This one is actually listed as Black Woven/SIlver lolo purple.

  4. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! And I'm not one for senorita pink by any means, I have one flow bra and one tank but only cuz they were on sale.

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