Wednesday, April 24, 2024

New Scuba Close Up + New Items

by Cristina

Scuba hoodie close up of the Senorita Pink and Silver. I’m loving the gunmetal grey logo on this one and the black accents

Lolo Backpack Called the Rucksak. I usually hate the look of the Lulu backpacks but this one is very nice and not so boxy.

Modern Crew neck in Heathered Charcoal. I have to see the River Rock version before I decide which one to get. I have an Angel Blue 5yr Pima so if it’s too close to it I wont bother, I also have a Modern V Neck in this color. I got the Lolo purple Modern Crew last week and sized down in this to a size 6 and am happy with it. Still plenty of roomyness in the tummy just like in the picture below.

Lolo Push your Limits.

Inner Strength Tank in River Rock and Charcoal. I think this is the only combination I’ve liked in this tank so far.

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Anonymous August 26, 2010 - 6:41 am

hi lulumum,

thanks for all the pictures! just wondering, where did you get the photo of the back to basics rucksack? thank you!


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