Scuba hoodie close up of the Senorita Pink and Silver. I’m loving the gunmetal grey logo on this one and the black accents

Lolo Backpack Called the Rucksak. I usually hate the look of the Lulu backpacks but this one is very nice and not so boxy.

Modern Crew neck in Heathered Charcoal. I have to see the River Rock version before I decide which one to get. I have an Angel Blue 5yr Pima so if it’s too close to it I wont bother, I also have a Modern V Neck in this color. I got the Lolo purple Modern Crew last week and sized down in this to a size 6 and am happy with it. Still plenty of roomyness in the tummy just like in the picture below.

Lolo Push your Limits.

Inner Strength Tank in River Rock and Charcoal. I think this is the only combination I’ve liked in this tank so far.

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  1. hi lulumum,

    thanks for all the pictures! just wondering, where did you get the photo of the back to basics rucksack? thank you!

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