Insite Crop: not a running crop. It’s made for yoga/pilates. I would love to see a running crop in a static color like this but I guess they couldn’t do that with Luxtreme. Too bad. Ever since imagining a running crop made in a different color (IVY!!!) I’ve been thinking that Black and Coal are boring.
Insight CropInsight CropAlternate View
Scuba Hoodie. Black Woven Silver and Lolo Senorita Pink I zoomed into this print like 300% and it’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to look at it up close.
Scuba HoodieScuba HoodieAlternate View
Brisk Run Items. I want the ear warmers instead of the toque I think. It doesn’t get too cold here in Vancouver and Toques look awful on me so I think I would try to get away with just wearing the ear warmers. If it gets cold though I’ll through a toque on no problem. I think the ear warmer also has a band of reflective stitching on the back which is great and it looks like it has a large reflective lolo (subtle though) on the front.
Brisk Run Toque (women)Brisk Run Earwarmer (women)

  1. I have been unimpressed by the Scuba Hoodie colour/patterns so far, but I like this one. I also want to get the toque or ear warmer…not sure which one!

  2. ah the scubas are getting a lil better now I don't feel bad for missing the black/pencil sketch, I am hoping for an ivy one yet though 🙂
    the run toques/ear warmers are much better looking than the ones I have from last year! hmm may have to sell the old stuff!

  3. oh dear!! does that lolo pattern win out over the solid…this will be a hard decision. Our stores appear to be slow, we still don't even have the running gloves. These are in your stores now or somewhere else?


  4. I also am liking this Scuba. I really want to get a close look at the print.
    I would have gotten the toque but they just look so bad on me and I don't think it gets cold enough her in Vancouver so the ear warmer is probably sufficient for me. Me ears do get cold so it's a must.

  5. Anon6:57 and Beth, This was Robson and Coquitlam (vancouver). I really like it but it's something I have to have a good close look at. it's hard to get an idea of it from a picture with a patterns so intricate. I really want to know what the silver portions look like. If I see any detail pictures I'll be posting it for sure.

  6. Anon5:10 The insite crop is made of Luon and the one pictured above seems to be Static Charcoal Luon (silky) the one pictured earlier today is just plain black with Alarm.
    The product notification says it comes in Alarm, black and Coal ( a bit confusing).

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