Lookey what I found

For all of you Lolo lovers out there your gonna have a hard time resisting this new Stride.

Lolo Purple Stride

Senorita Pink


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  1. OMG!! I can't wait to get this lolo stride. I had bought the define in potion before it came out in the stride and really wished I had waited. Now I am trying to wait to see what colors strides will come out in. I thought it would be awhile before they released more because they just released so many at once. I might even get the coal/senorita one too. When are the Lolo tanks coming?? and the inspire pullover, I am so tired of waiting!

  2. I'm in the US and most of the time it's in Canada first and a couple weeks later we get it. I wish I had it for tomorrow. I am going to the Salutation Nation wearing my new Lolo pirouette headband and lolo/black no limit. It would be great to have the matching stride too. Oh and I have the new yogi tote in Lolo too.

  3. oh god.. I am dying here! LOVe the new stride's, hoping for CRB in lolo… seriously can't wait for the Inspire and the scuba in lolo.. and I am DEAD broke at the Moment!!! Friggen back to school…supplies, book bags, shoes, clothes…never ends! I might have to sell my 1st born! ahaha Wish my birthday was close..I'd ask for lulu gift cards 🙂

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