1. I love this jacket, too…and in this color! But so many people don't like the short length that I'd hate to pay full price when it may end up in loot!

  2. I don't care what everyone else thinks. It's more about paying $88, then seeing it marked down to $49. But…the only other thing I really want is the lolo static crb, so maybe I'll splurge and get this journey jacket anyway 🙂

  3. This jacket is not priced badly IMO. Remember the Principle jacket? It was over $100 I think, originally, and that was half the length of this one! This one has more details too, plus is SO cute!

  4. If you love it, get it! who cares what other people think. There are very few items that everyone agrees on unanimously and even then it's really only the very basic items like certain tanks, the strides, grooves. As far as it going in loot…that sucks but you may end up missing out on something you really love.

  5. It is very cute. I love that it's cropped for layering. I can see myself getting this in store when I see it. Sorta has that military inspired structure and pockets.
    $88 is a very good price for it considering the Iconic wrap is $88 aslo (which I paid but I don't care because I love it).

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