Is this a sneek peak of something we will see on tomorrows upload? To see the entire series of “Art Hoodies” check out the Lululemon Flickr Page. Looks like one is an embroidered rose close up (rose of jericho inspired?) and a butterfly. I like to check the flickr pages regularly because things seem to get posted there first sometimes before they blog about them.

*I just noticed that this photo shoot was done on Jericho Beach. I wonder if that’s a coincidence with the rose of jericho print on the left Remix.

  1. While they are pretty, roses and butterflies are not my style.

    Now, something with a Vampire theme perhaps? I would so be buying that! 🙂

  2. Did you look closely? Its Oli from West 4th and the Lab or the lucky gurl with the yellow maxi dress and kickass tree tattoo 🙂

  3. I know, I was thinking the same. It's a little too girly…unless it's a tattoo like design in which case it would be too ed hardyish. That being said, I may see someone wearing one on the street and think it's totally awesome. I guess it just depends.

  4. I did notice that. I wondered if it was her and then when I looked at the tags on the album one of them was Olli. Love her tatter!

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