1. Thank you for being the bearer of good news! I am so happy to hear more Circle Mesh CRBs are on the way. I just sold one of my recently purchased regular CRBs so I could justify the purchase of another circle mesh one 🙂

  2. HI lulumum, did the chinook product notification for the fast in flight bag say what color was in? I'm hoping for lolo!

  3. Your very welcome. lots of goodies tickling out. By the way I checked out your Oasis Stride on your blog and I really like it on you. It convinced me that of the 4-5 items I loved yesterday the one I needed to bring home was a new stride.

  4. Really?? I was there yesterday and didn't see it. could be that coquitlam had it too. I was there early while they were stlll unpacking strides and I made them grab me my size before it was put out so it could have been unloaded later.

    I have an inkling that this thursday is going to be another hot upload.

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