This is a front view of the T which shows how flattering it is on someone curvy with the color blocking. If you don’t mind the more sporty look than this is a nice T. My preference is the single colored ones and the V neck but I like that the crew neck is about the same neck as the 5yr Pimas and not too high.

Not bad!
  1. I have a black pima & black v-neck modern tee and wanted to get this modern crewneck in white. I didn't like how sheer the white looked on. I do have a white pima that looks much better. I tried it in black (which I clearly don't need since I have 2 black already) and it looked so good. I don't want to get it because is it really practical to have 3 black $48 lulu tops? No, but I probably will go back and pick it up tomorrow. I guess I can justify it because you can always use a black tee.

  2. I think the Saskatoon page had a picture of all of the colors lined up but you couldn't see the entire t-shirt. it just looked odd to me to pair an oatmeal color with a light grey…but that's just me, it may very well look nice on.

  3. A, why don't you wait and see if other single colored ones come out like Lolo purple? the Educator at the store yesterday was wearing an old Lolo purple 5yr Pima and it was very pretty on. When I complimented her on it she said she shouldn't be wearing that color and that there may be new Lolo items out soon….I wonder if they have to stay away from wearing colors that are coming up soon.

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