The Heathered Amazon in the top photo is not a great picture and If I can find a better picture I’ll post more comparisons. I’m liking Ivy much more as it seems much more green + brown where as Heathered Amazon is more kaki and military inspired which is what’s in style these days. I can’t seem to find any other items in the color Heathered Amazon so this is either a new name for a heathered ivy or a new color altogether or perhaps they have made a mistake in the labeling (but I doubt that). Which one do you prefer? And do you know if these are two different colors?

* There is in fact a heathered amazon (HAMZ) and a heathered ivy (HIVY).

New Fireside Hoodie in Heathered Amazon
Old Style Remix in Ivy

  1. I like the Heathered Amazon…just don't love the fireside jacket. I look forward to seeing what else comes out in that colour! I'd love a Modern V-neck in that shade!

  2. Oh god I near died when I read it!! then of the other post.. ahah
    But very EXCITING!!! It's close 🙂
    I'm for sure getting the lolo…but Heathered Sen pink, that sounds tempting! Wishing the price wasn't 99$… I just ordered the lolo purple scuba and make a "deal" with hubby so I can get the Sen pink Scuba ( Hopefully next week ) I can't get another 200$ worth of lulu this close!! ahah But def the lolo purple Inspire..been wanting it ever since I seen the video!!

  3. Where????? Is it on the Canadian GEC yet *drool*
    Just read the additional post that it actually isn't available yet, but lets hope this week!

    Which color(s) is everyone going to pick out of heathered lolo, static black, black, heathered sen pink, static coal wave stipe?

  4. I'm going to be getting at least two. Definitely heathered lolo (it's going to be very in-demand it seems!) and either Static Black or Heathered Senorita Pink. I already have a Black Run: Like the Wind Pullover… bu who knows maybe I'll like the black better than the other colors and have to get that 😉

  5. My list for the inspire pullover ( I'll probably just get one though, two if it's super soft) is the lolo, static black and maybe senorita pink.

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