Track and Field Jacket – Back

The pleats are THE worst for someone with hips. I had issues with the Run: Reflection Vest that I tried on and felt I would need a size up. They sat like this on me but worse and I hate when pleats do that. Ok, these aren’t exactly pleats but the fabric in the vest and the jacket is sewn in a way that makes this poof out above your butt so it’s a lot like a pleat.

  1. I have the Track and Field Jacket(from last season) and LOVE it!
    However, I don't have much of a butt and my figure is much like Olive Oil (except with boobs!) So, needless to say, this jacket is very flattering for me. But I can see where the puffiness of the back may not work for someone with hips or bootie!

  2. Your right about the pleats but I really should have tried the size up and that may have made all the difference in the world. The Track and Field is a lot of people's favourites and I've heard it rumoured that it's coming out in a solid which I really want to see. If it's a color/pattern that I love I may be able to suck up my issue with pleats on my upper butt.

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