Perhaps we will see the Track and Field Jacket, the vest, Inspire Crops and all of the reflective swift gear. And the Fouette Tank of course.

There seems to be some staggering of releases between US and Canada. We got the Iconic Wrap and they got the Polocross Pants and the Free to Be Bra and the grey striped Commit Tank. Maybe these will show up on tomorrows upload as a surprise for us all.

I don’t think I need anything from the website but I may cave and grab the Wish CRB or Flow Y. It’s no longer in stores around here and I love that color so I kinda feel like I need to snatch a top up in Wish. I was really wanting a Pima T in that color.

What are you hoping to see and planning to buy?

Get her a matching headband from Lulu please
and a Tata Tamer for those ladies
  1. Lulumum – Why do you like the running luon better? I know the video showed in lolo purple, do you already know the other colors? I am assuming black of course, are you thinking citron, oasis & alarming?

  2. I'd love to know what colors both are going to come in.

    Lulu told me running luon was thicker than regular luon, so it would be great for cooler morning runs!

  3. The running Luon is soft and silky and and fleesey. The video showed lolo purple but off to the side she had a blue one that looked like a denimy type of blue. I don't think it will come in the current fall colors but the next set of colors.

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