Thursday Upload: Lots of Grey!

So this was kind of a boring upload. As much as I like the greys I still need the hits of color mixed in the bunch. I picked up the Light Grey Modern V Neck but I may exchange that one or sell it. After I picked it up I went back to check on a Flow Y in Pig Pink to wear under it but realized that everything was grey. non of the Wish/Pig/Citron things that have been in stores the last two weeks have been uploaded.

Some of the things I was hoping to see (not necessarily get) was all of the new Stride II’s, Flow y’s, A Wish IJWR restock and a restock of my size in the Wish Wunder Groove Crops. And of course the Flashback pullover that I keep eyeing and totally don’t need.



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  1. i am a little relieved they didnt upload anything i am dying for. my local store doesnt have the light up items in stock yet so i was hoping they would at least get loaded today on the web. alas. cant wait for all the new fall stuff though.

  2. Did you see the size of the lulu logo on the Heathered Charcoal lulu crop? That is a tad excessive in size, don't you think??

  3. I do find it quite large, I don't mind it that big on a hoodie… but on a pair of pants or crops would like it a little more subtle.

    It looks embroidered also, which I don't mind, but just wish it was a bit smaller. Love the Heathered Charcoal lulu crops! (except for the 'in your face' logo).

  4. I didn't notice that. Weird. At first glance I thought those were Shanti crops which I think have a logo that big. It is excessive for pants, looks like the same size as whats on the Free2Be hoods.

  5. Man, I keep looking at those wish blue wunders … I have that flashback … might have to check out my local lulu …

  6. I have to stop reading your blog … my wallet can't take it! After checking out the flashback hoodie/wish wunder crops I just had to pick up the crops. They are great! U shud keep yours!

  7. Ahhh your twisting my rubber arm. I should just keep them, after all it's two pants really so If I'm feeling shy I can wear the Black. Writing this blog is hurting my wallet too so your in good company 😀

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