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Shopping Report for Seattle

by Cristina

I ended up buying the I Just Wanna Run Tech in Pig Pink today because I love the cinched bottom and I fell in love with Pig Pink. It’s a really flattering ballerina pink and this top also has the contrasting but very thin and subtle Grey stripe. This top looks so cute on when it’s cinched all the way and bunched around the tummy. I bought it for street wear and not necessarily  for running because it looked so cute on. Although it is very light and airy and the roomier a running top is the cooler you stay. Sized down on this and it’s still pretty roomy but I wouldn’t have sized down two. I wish I could find a picture of this top cinched up for you but all I can say is try it on that way if the IJWR does funny things to you with all of that rouching

Got the new Stride II in distressed Luon in “SCLW” (Coal and White Stripes) and will be returning the Black one on Monday. I don’t think I’ll end up getting it in Wish because that will be too hard for wearing whatever underneath and matching. This goes with everything without feeling like I’m wearing all one color. I love the distressed Luon because it feels like more of a Pima Cotton than regular Luon, I hope this doesn’t mean it pills more. The educator assured me that that is not the case. Hmmm.  I was able to size down in this one but I’m actually going to try and get a size 8 because it is more fitted and I’m loosing the baby weight so I don’t want it to be too big. The 10 looked good on but it really had a bit too much room in the arms.

Light it up tank in both Wish and Pig Pink. This top I loved on because of the cinched bottom. I sized up to a 12 (pretty smart of lulu to make this up to 12). the cinched bottom allows you to wear it up resting at the top of your hips and it bags up around your middle to hide the loves. I was worried that the lighter pink would show imperfections but because of the cinched bottom it’s a forgiving top. you can also wear this pulled down and flat against your tummy and it hits me at the middle of my hips. With a tighter pair of pants wearing this stretched down it would show loves. The top part of the tank has similar support to the Flow Y although maybe slightly less support. I tried it on with my Flow Y underneath and it only shows a tiny bit at the V part of this so it’s ok. For running I will try it without the Flow Y but if that’s not enough support I can wear it with the Flow Y. For Street wear I would not double up. Oh, and getting cups for both tops was like pulling teeth. I was told that I could have one set of cups because they weren’t sure if they had anymore. So I told them I would by ONE top because I wasn’t sure how much $$ I wanted to spend. So I did end up getting cups for both tops.

I tried on the light it up Jersey in Grey and really, really liked the look of this on but was confused about why there was not much for reflectors at the back. For running you usually run towards traffic so you see cars head on, makes sense to put reflectors at the front. For cycling you ride with traffic so you need to be seen from behind by cars as well as the sides. This top looks like a cycling jersey but it was in the running section and the technical aspects are made with runners in mind. This top looks great for street wear  but I don’t think I would ever buy this for running. I think it would be a really cute golf shirt.

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Anonymous July 4, 2010 - 4:36 am

Lucky you!! Hope the new stride jacket in the gray/white stripe come to my local store soon!!

Lulumum July 4, 2010 - 4:40 am

I love this Stride. I'm sure you'll see it on Monday.

LUV2SPIN July 4, 2010 - 5:58 pm

How awful about them not wanting to give you the cups for the tops. Just ridiculous! Good for you for threatening not to buy the second top.

Lulumum July 5, 2010 - 4:19 pm

There is now way you can wear this top without cups. I think the only top you can pull of without cups is the Bliss tank.


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