These are the new Run: Swiftly’s in Alarming and Oasis. I like that the Swiftly material mutes down the colors because when you wear the same color Flow Y underneath it’s a really nice contrast. I like this muted down version of alarm the best of all the alarm tops out right now because it’s not quite as intense which is what puts me off of Alarm tops that are all one color. I find it kind of annoying that all of the blues that they released in the swiftly lately seem so similar. Lagoon, Angel and Oasis look so similar and they’ve been released consecutively since about March. I would love to see a blue come out in this that is more vibrant such as Wish which even muted down would look very different from the last 3 blues.  My potion purple swiftly tank is going to be the perfect thing to layer under the new Run Pullover when it gets a little cooler out and I need two layers.

  1. I saw the new revised swiftly tanks yesterday. I couldn't try them on because my hubby was with me (you know how that goes) plus where we were it was metered parking so I only had 15 minutes to see the new stuff. It's just not enough time, especially since I was in a store I've never been at, I didn't know where anything was. The arm holes are definitely better but we compared an older one to the newer side by side and it just wasn't that much of difference. I do want to try the alarming one on tomorrow. Alarming just doesn't look good on me with my light hair, so I am hoping the muted swiftly will look good. I also have the potion one and can't wait for the pullover to arrive. I got to see the new Dance Crop you posted. They are so cute, I can't wait to try them on. I'll most likely be getting them. Thanks for posting such a good review and such detail about them.

  2. Awe thanks. Sometimes I think I'm overkill with the details but it's the details that make them stand out from other brands. Your story is the same as mine, all this week when I've gone in to stores I've been either with my husband or someone else and have had to rush through looking at things. I'm looking forward to going in one day soon and having a nice peaceful look around. It's funny because the crops I just grabbed and purchased without even trying them on and I totally expected them to not work at all for me and it turns out they were perfect. I may end up getting the Static Charcoal ones at a later point but those I really do need to try on first.

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