Not too terribly impressed with the color/print. It’s not bad, just not special. I love the WWA but this one doesn’t make me want to run to the store. Hopefully it will be out in some nice colors soon like Lolo Purple or something equally exciting. Is it me or does this WWA look a bit shorter? maybe they’ve changed the fit of this to work with curvier figures.

  1. It definitely looks shorter in the rear view photo. What is this print, even? I wonder if it's a Canada-only thing. The US never got that set of pastel WWAs that came out a month or so ago.

  2. it almost looks like 2 different jackets… the front pic has it so low across the legs (similar to my WWA fit) but the back has it sitting like a Stride…
    i don't like the print either, but am super-excited to hope for a lolo purple WWA.!

  3. The pastel wwa didnt release in alot of canada either. We recieved the Lagoon one in halifax weeks before anyone else when we recieved the solid black and charcoal. but the pastel sorbet, chirp and lime never came. These are my favorite lulu jacket other then the origami which i dont think will reappear. I hope they hit halifax this time around!

  4. I don't size down in the WWA (I take a 10 – same as the Define) as it's not nearly as stretchy as the Stride where I can comfortably wear an 8.

  5. This picture was from Seattle University Village. The print name isn't listed but it looks like a line/graphic repeated print, not a random print like scribble.
    The WWA's are weird releases, I got my Lagoon one on the day it came out and they seemed to be only in one store in Vancouver. They sold out instantly. When they get released they seem to be in different color palettes than the seasonal pallet.

  6. I actually sized up one because I didn't like how tight around the hips my size was. It made it tricky to zip up. It's still form fitting though just a bit roomier in the hips.

  7. Oh gosh, I hope they didn't shorten it! Its long length is one of the reasons why I am absolutely gaga for that jacket. All of my WWAs are solid colored; it would be fun to get one with a print.

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