These are sooo cute!!! I can’t wait to get these and am so glad they come in a three pack.  I’m a bit surprised at the colors because non of these match anything that’s out right now (Senorita Pink, Lolo Purple and Citron is what the product notice called these but that’s not what they look like) so far at least. But I love them anyways and I never match my socks to my outfits. In fact, the socks I wear most often for running are my Savage Green and White Stripe ones that match nothing I have. But they make me run faster so I try to make sure there clean by my next run.

Ok so are these new or old then??? I hate getting wrong product notifications. Do you remember seeing these last spring in these prints and in a three pack? Confirmation that these have been seen in stores. Hooray!

Featherweight Sock 3 Pack (womans)Featherweight Sock 3 Pack (womans)Alternate View

  1. Those are cute. I will probably pick up a pack too. You can never have enough socks. Now I only wear Lululemon socks around the house with my slippers. I need them for working out and casual wear, that's my excuse anyway to get more.

  2. hmmm. I keep getting weird product notices from the Kingsway stor. Tuesday I got all of the product notices that they had ever sent. This one had all of the new products and then these little guys sitting at the bottom so who knows. I thought the three pack idea was a new one for Lulu.

  3. so these are in store and thru the GEc right now? I love the striped ones too.. have to order a pack for sure!

  4. I think if there was new colors listed with your product notification maybe it was a incorrect picture.. The colors there are pow pink and ocean blue from last fall?… i would imagine they have the same pattern in a new color.

  5. I did find these today and the looked very similar to these ones but were Pink, Citron and Lolo. Didn't see the striped ones, just a pack with one dot, one plain citron and one Lolo stripe.

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