This has been posted to the San Fran FB site (and Ontario mentioned it) and I’m hoping this comes to Vancouver as well. I’d love to have this in Wish Blue and maybe a Pig Pink one too. I’ve always loved the 5yr Pima but I just wish it had a bit more of a scoop neck or came in a V neck. I like my t-shirts to be more feminine so that they can be dressed up or dressed down. With a crew neck (not quite a crew) it’s more sporty than anything.  Still, I’m glad it’s lower than a crew neck and that it’s as long as it is because it’s really hard finding the perfect basic T that fits just right and the 5yr Pimas always do.

  1. I, too, wud like to see a "v" neck. I find that the tops they do make with a v neck i.e. manifesto burnout it is so low cut that you have to wear another tank/bra top underneath. I swear they do that on purpose so you will have to buy another lulu item to go under it!!

  2. Ha! Good point. that must be it. When I got my Manifesto burnout I also had to run out and get a Flow Y that would work under it.

  3. Yah it's probably too low cut for me but since I discovered Flow Y's work so well for nursing as well as running I have 3 that I can layer under it. I hate layering 2 shirts but I seem to be fine with a Flow Y or even the Hot Yoga bra I wore the yesterday under my Swiftly tank.

    I'll have to try this one on to report how much of the Flow Y shows at the v because too much would look horrible. Ideally it should just be a little bit peaking through.

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