1. That print you found on the exchange page is gorgeous!

    I forget that you are in Canada. I was looking for Run: Zoom Crops and was sad I missed out on them when they hit US loot a couple weeks ago. I posted something on the exchange page and was so excited when someone contacted me about a pair they were selling today for $52 + $5 s&h. Then right before I was about to commit, I double checked the description of the crops to be sure I wanted them, and suddenly they were in US Loot again! So glad I checked, save me a few bucks.

  2. She tried to sell that hoodie on Ebay too and it didn't sell. The print is really gorgeous but kinda limiting as far as what you can wear it with. I had it in the regular Scuba and I felt like I was wearing drapes…

  3. Don't you love when that happens? I would love to see my Run: with it crops on sale. I pretty much live in those for running and haven't touched my other running pants.

  4. That print is gorgeous! I just can't pay that when I'm also expecting to get the run pullover when it comes out. So tempting though. Probably why I posted the picture here…that way someone else can buy it quick and I don't have to keep feeling tempted.

  5. I see the Origami sold out in CDN loot (it was never in US, right?). Was it only available in the black/manifesto?

    I agree about the drapes comment RE the remix lux- I can totally see that!

  6. I actually love that lux print even if it is limiting, but it is pretty expensive. She did have it on the exchange page a little while back and it didn't sell – probably b/c of the price. So pretty though…

  7. I agree about the price. No one jacks up prices like that on the exchange, everyone is pretty fair so that's why no one is biting. I think it's kind of insulting for someone to tell me an item is rare and give it a steep price tag. We are all lulu lovers here, we know if something is rare or not thanks.

  8. Yep…no matter how I handle the lux fabric, it doesn't have the "staying power" of the Scuba/Remix cotton fabric. I have to say the french terry is a bit delicate too, in regards to fade. ONLY cold and hanging for those…

  9. I agree. I wonder if she paid that price for it on ebay herself and thats why she's priced it that way. You would think the price would drop after a long time of not being sold. I really like the look of that print. you could wear that and blend into the wall paper at parties. It is gorgeous and very different though.

    I hesitate with the Lux's because of the high maintenance beechlu fabric. Even when it doesn't pill it still get's very fussy no matter how carefully you baby it.

  10. the French Terry IS delicate isn't it. My Black Free2Be faded after just 2 washes. crazy! Not so bad in other colors but I really detest faded black and hardly ever buy black for that reason.

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