I Just Wanna Run Tech SL – Fit Observation

This IJWR tank looks like she went about 2 sizes smaller and it looks good that way on her. It’s funny how this top can have a totally different look TTS or sized down, cinched up or all the way down. I sized down on this one size (10) and it’s still pretty loose and baggy so I probably could have gone down to an 8 but for running purposes the baggier fit is nice.

It’s funny, whenever I take advice from the educators (Lulu and other stores) I end up coming back and returning the item for the size I originally thought looked best whether it be a size up or a size down. I think I’m just always in between 2 sizes so it depends on my mood. When I got my Stride II in Seattle in a size 10 the educator was adamant that this was the right size. I later tried it on for my hubby and he thought it was way too baggy. went to another Lulu and tried on the 8 and hubby and an educator both thought the 8 was the right size. It’s so subjective that I think I just have to go with my gut.



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  1. Sounds like you have to find an employee who's opinion you trust/agree more with!

    I got the I Just Wanna Run two sizes down from my normal size as well. I read that it ran big, so I didn't even try on my normal size. I did try one size down, but found it was still too loose, and kind of long in the shoulder to armpit length. Two sizes down is not by any means tight, it's still loose enough to hide any imperfections in my midsection (the pleats help with that too though).

    I initially tried the Energy SL and loved the lightweight fabric, but wasn't in love with the fit for $58 (too long, and I couldn't figure out how to cinch it so it looked good).

  2. Ahh, I was just about to go and order a Wish Blue online in a size 8 and there gone now. Too bad for me!

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