The Commit Tank

July 26, 2010

A reader told me earlier today about a new color in the Commit Tank that she had just picked up and mentioned that it was super pretty and flattering on so I found the one she was talking about and I love it. This is so gorgeous. First off, I’m loving all of the greys that are out so I knew I would love this one as soon as I saw it. The Stripes really highlight the corset/lingerie aspect of it which is so naughty and cheeky for a running top. I also really love the black straps on it which look like mesh. I wonder if this would work with my Striped Stride…but if not I do have my flashback sweatshirt.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We must have similar taste … saw that one in yr blog and thought I must pick this one up. Too cute! Kate

  2. Anonymous says:

    which facebook site is this picture from?

  3. I like this tank. Will have to try it on though to see how it works with my sports bra before buying.

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