This picture shows the waist bent over which is a lot nicer than pulled all the way up. I wonder if these have the extra loops holes like the Still pants so that you can fold these all the way down and still have the tie on the outside. I’m not hating these pants. There not for me, but if I saw you wearing them on the street I’d probably think “hey, cute shorts, those are different.

  1. I agree, cute shorts/different, but I don't think I'd get them either.

    Have you seen the 2 pictures in the Saskatoon july album with the long sleeve pima tee?! They didn't post many pictures but I'm pretty excited about that! I'm hoping more stores get them in and post pictures. Has Lulu ever made a long sleeve pima tee?

  2. Trisha, I just saw the long sleeves today and there soft, very thin and silky. they look like there the same fit as the Pima's. Lulu has made long sleeves t's before but they've been a different fit from the Pima's. I think they have made them looser fitting with a scooped neck but I'm not positive.

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