Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Wish List for Seattle Shopping Trip

by Cristina

So probably next weekend were going on a mini vacation weekend to Seattle since I was able to get kiddie #2 her Canadian Passport done in record time (1 week!!!) and I desperately wanted to go to Seattle when I was 34 weeks pregnant so that we could take kiddie #1 to the Children’s Museum before she became a big sister.  unfortunately I couldn’t get travel medical insurance from anyone because pregnancy is like a ticking time bomb. We ended up going to Victoria and had a lovely time until kiddie #1 learned about the terrible twos and had world class tantrums so we hauled ass to the ferries a day early. So now I finally get to go on my stay-cation (sort of) to Seattle and get my shopping on. My favourite place to shop (I’m hesitating to share because it’s not as touristy as the outlets) is the University Village mall which is an upscale outdoor mall with tons of shops I love like Anthropology, Lululemon of course, Sephora, Pottery Barn and more. I also love the Pacific Place Mall because it has BCBG, Lululemon, Pea in the Pod Maternity (no longer need to stop there!!) True Religion and the best Mexican Restaurant ever.

This is what I’m hoping to get at Lululemon when I’m there:

*Stride II in Wish (have I said that enough times yet?) or maybe Black, I’m now undecided. I think if I get there and all there is is black than that’s what ill settle on and forget the Wish.
*5 yr Pima’s (Wish, Cool maybe Pig Pink). I wish Lulu would come out with 5 yr Pimas right away with the new color releases instead of later. It’s a staple item in my opinion and should come first.
*Cool racer tank in Wish, maybe cool
*Maybe the Hip Halter in Pig Pink but I’m not convinced I would even wear this often enough so probably wont end up getting it.
*I would totally get a Run Swiftly SS in Wish and Pig Pink. I think the swiftly in Pig Pink would look so awesome. No more tanks for me though in the swiftly, I’m always grabbing the short sleeve because I love the roomier fit in it and it’s not a huge difference temperature wise.
*Savasana Wrap in Branch for fall. Highly unlikely but you never know.

Depending how much I find and what I spend I really like the Flow Y in Wish and Pig Pink to layer under white (my white Goddess Tank from the Lab). I doubt most of this if any will be out by then but who knows. One can only wish.

My husbands shopping list: Colone. Issay Miyake at Sephora. Bless his heart for getting dragged along for all this shopping.

IMG_0040 by lululemon athletica.

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