I’m getting some strange product notifications for Lower Mainland stores. None of the new products, just old stuff like the Seek The Peek, Manifesto Racerback, Run: With it Crops, Swiftly Tanks.

I think these are all mistakes as there are non of the new products and all the products listed I’ve received in notifications from them before. Plus, all of the Seek the Peek stuff is on sale everywhere.

  1. me 2…
    but, I also got a product notification for the hooded sunblocker in potion purple from metrotown…
    yay!! so glad I waited to see if it would come out in that colour. Now I'm wondering if I should wait for lavender, LOL.!
    And regarding ur reply a couple of posts ago, YES, I agree that Metrotown always has the best markdowns.! And in multiple sizes and colours – sometimes at lower prices than the outlet (which is all of 10 mins away..!).
    I guess I 'have' to visit it this week to check out the sunblockers =)

  2. I didn't see the new potion purple sun blocker. I wonder if you can call ahead and make sure it's there. I spent a long time in the running section looking for either deals or new stuff and of course no deals on the technical stuff.

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