Lot’s of new things being uploaded. The goodies I like are the new swiftly tank and short sleeves in Angel Blue, Potion Purple and Savage Green. Also the 5yr tshirt in Potion (love) and the Modern tank potion purple (love but not getting). The Run: Zoom Singlet and Run: Pep tank are cute as well but those are maybe later’s for me. I dislike the Stow and Go Jacket because it’s so see through and for me a stow and go jacket is too impractical with kids…don’t have time to roll that sucker up to put it away and there is no room left in my bag for it so what’s the point. Plus it’s so light I can’t drape it over the buggy handle because it would just fly away.

I was able to get my wants this week in store and through GEC. The Potion Purple 5yr, the Angel Blue Swiftly t-shirt and my knotted Wunder Unders from yesterday. Some new little thing may have enticed me like some cute socks but really I was not looking at getting anything today.

My maybe laters are the Run: Zoom singlet, Pep Tank, the Knotty T (yes I do like it, particularly the front) and the Gather Dance Strap tank (not the bra!). I think it’s just time for some new colors and maybe a little but of pattern.

  1. I love the knotty tank too. I ordered angel and coal today. I figured I may as well cause if I try and decide usually its gone when I've made up my mind. 🙂

  2. The length of it and the drape at the front looks really cute over leggings. I wonder if you could layer the angel tank with some coal colored item underneath like a Flow Y bra.

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