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Trip to Coquitlam

by Cristina

So I stuck to my plan and didn’t buy a thing, although the Run: With it jacket almost tempted me on todays Loot upload (Foxy Plaid which I have yet to see in person). I had to get my husbands firm and final decision on it and he thought that it was nice but not with a long shirt under it (all of my shirts are long because I have an unusually long torso)  and that I would never use it.  Even at that low, low price. He’s right, I either wear a jacket to run in if it’s raining or I wear a tank, but nothing in between. as for street wear, if I’m cold I wear a long sleeve hoodie or cardi, I’m never in between enough to want to layer a vest over a t-shirt or tank. Truthfully, being a Vancouverite I don’t own an umbrella or ever wear a jacket in the rain. That’s just how we roll over here.

As for Coquitlam. I saw the new Defines in Pig Pink, Wish Blue and Citron which was actually very pretty. Tried on the Pig Pink Hip Halter and I did really like it, loved the length, loved the color combo but it was a tad tight around the neck and I would probably like to try on a size up to see that the strap is looser but that it has no affect on the fit of the bust area (bagging out). Also I tried on the Cool cool racerback and the color was very nice, much lighter than angel and a tad mintier. I love cool racerbacks these days for running and have worn my Little Boy Blue one all this week for running and have been so comfortable that I’ve run for a lot farther than I usually would. Boy Lululemon makes me feel like an athlete.  Anyways, Were off to Seattle next week and Ill make sure to load up on the new stuff then if I’m still pining away over it. I am sooo hoping they have a Stride II in Wish by then.

The biggest temptation by far was the bag in Wish Blue that fades out to white. It was so gorgeous in person and I was really trying hard to justify having two bags like this in different colors. I guess I could use one for diapers and one for travel…but that would still look very odd to everyone that knows me and I think they would start to realize that this is a true addiction.

I think the girls at Lululemon Coquitlam are on to me and my addiction and perhaps that I’m the one writing this blog. I think they wait for me to see what I grab as it’s always the new stuff which is a tell tale sign of an addict that is up to date on all the new Lulu happenings.  It’s so hard to be inconspicuous when you are pushing a double stroller around grabbing all the new stuff to try on and laying it over a sleeping baby.

On The Move Gym Bag Wish Dip Dyed in Cool Blue $68 

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Anonymous June 26, 2010 - 7:06 pm

i go to coquitlam almost every week. i now get greeted by name and they know my kids names and ask about them if i go in without them. i think they're on to me, too 🙂

Lululemon mum June 26, 2010 - 7:41 pm

Haha, my little one waits for the stickers every time

Anonymous June 28, 2010 - 5:46 am

u shud get a cut from lulu …. saw the gorgeous new colour combo of the on the move gym bag on yr blog site and just had to get it!!

Lululemon mum June 28, 2010 - 6:20 am

Thanks, I agree. I would be happy with some free Lulu stuff but I don't think they do that.

Enjoy your bag! I'm loving mine.


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