Thursday, December 7, 2023

So that’s it for the upload I guess

by Cristina

Except for the few strays they scatter around later on of course. I’m glad there is nothing I’m getting I guess but I know there were some good goodies for everyone else. All of the flashbacks which are very cute but my hoodie of preference is the Free2be which I now have 3 of. The WWA is very cute and if I didn’t already have one I would jump on the bold blue. I think that one is much nicer than either the Pig Pink one or the Frisbee Blue (the grey is a very nice neutral). Namaste cover up in Green, double back tanks, Flow Y in Savage Green, Heathered Grey and Lime You Know Me.

The Flow Y is a new favourite for me because it’s excellent for layering and coordinating colors and because I can use it for running and nursing. so I don’t have to dress for running in a hard to put on running bra and then get stuck having to do another feed before I go and fighting with the running bra.

I think what would have given me palpitations today would have been an Angel Blue Run: Swiftly Tank and a Potion Purple Pima T-shirt and of course the ever elusive Lux which I think is not coming back this year. Otherwise Lulu would have jumped on that craze a few weeks ago. There probably kicking themselves for not putting that in the works for this summer last year or whenever they start the planning for these things.

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Genevieve June 10, 2010 - 6:05 pm

so you can actually use the flow y for running? is there a non-crass way i can ask what size bra you usually wear? i'm always on the lookout for something lightweight that i could use for both pilates and running, and i also have a nursing infant and HATE having to fight with my bra when he wants to eat either right before i go out or the second i get home, but i fear it might not be supportive enough for me (32DD).

Genevieve June 11, 2010 - 1:31 am

thanks for the info! unfortunately i'm in pittsburgh, pa and we don't have a store yet (we're getting a showroom, i hear) so i can't try anything on first, or find a sale. i'm at the mercy of the website, lol.

Anonymous June 11, 2010 - 1:32 am

I have loved the flow y for running and nursing as well, but I am a slow runner and a 36C. I just purchased the 50 rep and it is much more supportive and is still comfy and accessible for the babe. Luckily my little one is just weaned so no more bra drama! However, I have to say now that I am not nursing I prefer the TaTa Tamer, if only it had a cross-back because I LOVE the CRB's.

Lulumum June 10, 2010 - 7:08 pm

It's probably not supportive enough. I find I can handle it on the treadmill but not on road running and I do get some jiggle on both. I'm 36C and up till now I've been using a super supportive very binding bra but I've gotten annoyed at having to take it off one two many times during a growth spurt which were in currently. It may be worth getting one on sale when you see it and trying it out on the treadmill for a bit and if nothing else you could use it for layering.I just got mine for $35 on sale at Metrotown and they probably have a few left.

Lulumum June 11, 2010 - 1:43 am

Yes the Tata tamer is the best for support but no good for baby access. the 50 Rep would only allow me baby access underneath instead of over top so not too comfortable. I wouldn't say the Flow Y is unsupportive, just if you like zero jiggle than it wont work for you. I've grown to tolerate it…may pay for that down the line though 😛


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