Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Run: With it Jacket in Angel Blue. A second look.

by Cristina

I love the way this jacket looks. I hadn’t realized that the detailing around the shoulder was different from the black and white version. This one just seems more feminine than the black one and If I didn’t have so much Angel Blue already I would consider it. But I really don’t have a need for a running vest other than the usefulness of having the pockets for my cell phone and for that I’ve been using the running bonnet.

As an aside:

Women runners, please, please carry your cell and id when you run and don’t use music. Always let someone know where your going and what time to expect you back. When I run I always have someone waiting for me at exactly 35 minutes and if I’m not back at that time they have a map of all of my running routes. I also like to dress brightly so I’m seen from a distance (too bad Lululemon hasn’t released those reflective peaces yet) It seems paranoid but another woman was found in Pacific Spirit Park last night and it’s just too dangerous to run without these precautions. 

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