Official New Product and Looks like New Colors

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The Colors are Wish Blue, Pig Pink and “ctrn”, “Elco cool ctrn pig”. Any idea what those last few color codes are? The wish blue definitely looks like little boy blue. I wonder why Lulu does that with colors. They just introduced the WWA in Frisbee which is so close to Angel…I wonder if it’s just to have some overlap

The Hip Halter Tank above comes in the Wish Blue, Black, White and Pig Pink. Sizes 4-10.

  1. ctrn is citron? that is a bright yellow-green. just a guess. wish looks very close to royale from a year ago.

  2. The Wish Blue looks like Royale Blue that came out last summer. Nothing like Little Boy Blue. I also think that ctrn is citron. I have seen a notification of the same colour in the Push Your Limits tank from one of the stores.

  3. well if the bright yellow green is much like faded zap ill like it. I find my faded zap Flow Y bra goes with everything as a nice contrast color.

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