1. I think the leftmost color is pig pink – it looks pretty close to my pig pink bag. I love wish blue and can't wait for it to be a pima tee! The other colours I could do without.

  2. Oh you're right the one on the edge is pig pink! Sorry!
    Electric orange is quite confusing. But I prefer the darker colors anyways so I'm not too concerned with it.UNLESS they come up with some fun prints.

  3. Cool looks like a paler version of angel. Electric orange might be coralish? That's interesting, I might like it. I thought it was going to be brighter than tang light which was not my color, although I do wish I would have bought it in flow y to layer but not as a top. Really looking forward to seeing Wish in person. I don't like the contrast of the zipper on the pig pink define, but I don't want that color jacket anyway. I do hope wish comes out in a solid stride.

  4. Electric Orange looks pretty pink to me in this picture. I wonder how it will look in person. If it's coraly it will flatter almost every skin tone but if it's too orange I'm not so sure.

  5. Pig Pink is the very pale pink on the right (mostly cutoff) and the color of the define posted below. this one on the far left is Electric Orange but I think it just looks this pink in this particular picture. In another one it looks mellon so it's a bit of a mystery color.

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