Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Coquitlam Centre

by Cristina

Just waiting for the kiddies to wake up from there naps and then were off to Coquitlam Centre to see what’s new at Lululemon and then have some fun at the kids playground. Today my plans are much delayed and changed because of an icky all nighter with the littler one in which at 4 am she decided to (on top of the feeding every hour) have a poop explosion all over her crib. Originally I was going to go to West 4th to see those new Defines, but alas there is no time for that today and I just have to hope it’s not a waisted trip to Coquitlam with no new Defines to look at.  Check in a bit later and I’ll post a list of what I saw and tried on and hopefully I don’t spend any money today…except maybe an Eion Finn Yoga DVD. I’ve been thinking of incorporating some Yoga to balance out my running.

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