by Cristina

As for my trip to Coquitlam Centre…

June 21, 2010

That was a total bust. No new product whatsoever. Big markdown rack but nothing in it that I was interested in, just Seek The Peek stuff and the Manifesto V-neck. All items in a fair amount of size representations though so if your looking for deals this may be a worthwhile trip.

I saw a Passion Define Jacket and I’m not sure if that was an earlier release or something new. I saw a girl at Starbucks wearing it this past weekend and it looked really pretty on her which is what made me take notice of it today.

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2 responses to “As for my trip to Coquitlam Centre…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Were all the colors in the Manifesto V-neck on sale? Was the passion define on markdown or reg. inventory?

  2. Lululemon mum says:

    Passion Define was regular price. Manifesto V-necks were $39 and they had white and passion but I think they only had one or two lavenders, all marked down.

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