I got this jacket (Run: like the wind pullover) back in April and it’s had lots of use, more so than my running room jacket actually. I love the buttery soft Luxtreme and all of the sleeve features such as the cuffin and the thumbholes and also the back pocket for cell and id. I’ve used the cuffin plenty on 5am runs when my fingers felt they were going to fall off, and I’ve also used it to store my stopwatch. The only issue I had with it is that I sized up one to have it looser around the midsection (because I got the white one) and fit longer in the torso (because I have a super long torso) and so the sleeves were really long on me and bunched up. Last weekend I went to the Lulu Lab for the free one hour hemming and after convincing them to please not remove the cuffin and thumbhole (which is what they normally would do :C ) I got back my jacket with a weird poof pleat over the cuffs. Serves me right for arguing with them. I guess it’s because of the taper to the arm and how much fabric was taken off. I still love my jacket but was annoyed that I couldn’t just get the sleeve fixed from either the top at the shoulder or a better fix at the wrist…but I really need those features now that they’ve spoiled me with them.


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