by Cristina

Running with cell phone and other running technicalities.

May 22, 2010

I’ve recently gotten back into running (using all lulu gear of course save for my runners and running room jacket), and carrying my cell phone with me has been an issue as I run in trails and whenever I can fit it in with my two small children (2 and 3 months) and I like to keep as safe as possible. My issue is I don’t like carrying extra gear (fuel belt) or layers if I don’t have to. On hot days when I’m wearing a tank and running crops I have nowhere to stash my big clunky Blackberry. Last week I purchased the running bonnet in white with a pocket just perfect for the blackberry, keys and id. Women runners, always always carry ID and your cell!!! Yesterday was my test run in that foul Vancouver wind storm we had and it worked perfectly. My worry was that the phone would be too big to carry in that pocket and the hat would fly off (I have a narrow head) or I would get torticulis from the lopsided hat. Well, the hat fit perfectly and was not at all uncomfortable for this very fickle runner. Despite the wind it did not blow off once nor did it need to be readjusted. All in all I had an excellent run.

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  1. Anju says:

    How does the running bonnet fit you? I always thought the circumference of my head was on the large side but the bonnet goes down a little below my ears (I tuck maybe half an inch of the top of my ears in)…

    Did the phone bounce or shake around? I have never tried putting anything inside other than extra cash (I store my keys in the crops pocket), I always thought that carrying my blackberry on my head might bother me and if it annoyed me enough, I'd end up stopping my run midway.

  2. Lululeming says:

    I have a pretty petite head and most hats look floppy on me but the fit and style on this one was pretty good. Fit but not snug. I had my pony tail pulled through the back so that may be what kept it on so well and stayed on for 5k. The phone wasn't heavy and because it fit snuggly in the pocket it didn't bounce around. Also, I love that lulu sews the bottom of these pockets down as well preventing not so light items from making the pockets sag bellow the brim of the hat. The Run: like the wind pullover has this feature too in the back pocket.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have the senorita pink and love it, I think I am going to get a white for the summer..since I got a coal in the running hat

  4. Heather says:

    I didn't even think to put it in my flight bonnet pocket, I will try this next time.

    I love my wundergrooves because the pocket is big enough for my Blackberry and I take it running not just for security but also because I have an app that logs my pace distance, time etc using GPS. I just lock the keys and put it in the pocket with the keys facing out.

    Lululemon and blackberry- Canadian technical running at it's finest 🙂

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