by Cristina

Give them a chance for some of the riskier designs

May 30, 2010

Lululemon has some really great fashion ideas that I hadn’t given much of a chance before because things just look really different on a hanger than they do on. It’s so easy to go strait for the basics or fall back on the trusted technical fabrics for working out in. I know the technical stuff performs, I use it all for high impact sports and I love it. But I must say I really love how Lulu is experimenting with different cuts and more fashion forward trends even though it may mean these items end up in loot or have customer reviews such as  “blech, or that’s just weird”.

Lulu can make all of their money on technical fabrics and a few design styles for tops and bottoms alone if they choose to because lets face it, anyone can wholesale purchase technical fabrics and create basic designs that work really well for people and then mass produce them in various colors and patterns. Groove pants, Power y, Remix and Remix lux. Why bother with something different that may not make everyone happy when you have a formula that works?

So the Harem pants may not be for me at all but I really admire the fact that they took an idea that is from Vogue Magazine and translated it into easy street wear when it’s not yet in the mainstream here in North America. That takes guts. And the idea to have a Lululab where artists are working in the midst of customers traffic looking for accessories and they can design and make whatever crosses their minds is pretty cool too. I have a fine arts background and really admire what is going on with this company. Do you think they rake in oodles of cash at the lab? That is prime Vancouver realestate after all. So although I may not buy the harem pants Lulu designers, I may consider buying the Move Me Crop and slowly try it out as a Harem pant. That I guess is the end result of an idea produced at the lab and tweeked until it works for the main stores.

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3 responses to “Give them a chance for some of the riskier designs”

  1. LUV2SPIN says:

    Have you tried the Here I Am crops? They are harem-ish looking. They are on the website now. I have a couple of pairs and they are really cute & comfortable.

  2. Lulumum says:

    I plan on giving those a try for sure. Can you wear them as a cropped harem?

  3. Lulumum says:

    ahhh. I tried on the Here I Am crops and although I love the legs on it, particularly the tight calf, the pleats were horrible on me. Too bad because I love the rest of them.

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